6 Reasons Why Zinc Oxide Plaster Works So Well


Zinc oxide is a compound with numerous uses and a prominent ingredient, and it’s used in the cement, beauty, and skincare industry.

Here are a few reasons why zinc oxide is used to make plaster.

Flexible Usage

While zinc oxide plaster is strong, the compound also makes it flexible. This is because there are no limits to how it can be used since physicians can completely prevent a joint from moving and allow limited mobility just by wrapping it in a certain way.

One example is using the plaster on a sprained ankle to allow downward movement but stop it from moving side to side.

Supports Muscles

One main reason zinc oxide is used to make plaster is that its strength makes it good muscle support.

You’ll notice that athletes often use plaster to wrap their joints like legs, knees, or hands. This is because it prevents unnecessary movement, which makes it suitable to help ease strains or torn ligaments in muscles.

Helps Prevent Injuries

While zinc oxide in plaster already provides support, it can also prevent injury in the first place, and this is because it stops joints from moving in dangerous directions and backs up joints.

An example is when athletes wrap their hands in plaster before working out, they provide support. They’re also less likely to get their hands scratched because the plaster acts as a barrier between objects and skin.

Plaster is also used by professional athletes who engage in high-friction sports to prevent blisters and injury.

Speeds up Healing Process

The main reason zinc oxide is used in the medical industry, injuries are often wrapped with plaster. It can stop blood flow by adding pressure when tied tightly.

It also acts as a barrier between the air and the wound, which decreases the chances of infection and helps it heal quickly. A person is also less likely to move the area with the wound recklessly with the plaster on.

Strength and Adhesiveness

We’ve mentioned that zinc oxide makes plaster strong, but the keyword is that it provides tensile strength, and this makes it rigid and helps immobilize any body part it’s wrapped around.

When an athlete or injured person’s limb is tied with plaster, they won’t be able to move the muscles as much. This lets it heal easily and quickly.

It also contributes to it being highly adhesive, which ensures it won’t budge.

It can be Worn for Long Periods

The last reason zinc oxide is used for plaster is that it can be worn for long periods because it’s a resistant cloth. Water, dirt, and humid environments don’t affect it easily and it won’t rip either.

The only advice you must remember is to thoroughly clean the affected area, using disinfectant if required, and ensure it’s dry.


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