Active Zinc Oxide: How Useful It Is?


Active zinc oxide is the activated form of inert, white-in-color zinc oxide. Also known for its chemical formula “ZnO” and a natural compound that is very rare to be formed artificially. Aside from being a catalyst for chemical reactions, this earth naturally-occurring compound is almost insoluble in water. This substance most likely used to make rubber and latex.


Characteristics Of Active Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide has its own set of unique characteristics implied in various applications. It is a white-colored particle with a density of 5.606 grams per cubic centimeter. Accordingly, it appears as an odorless powder. Please be aware of the side effects when heating it. The active zinc oxide will start to decompose when it hits the melting point at 1975 degrees Celsius and boiling point at 2360 degrees Celsius.


Various Applications

Generally, active zinc oxide is used in various things and fields like medicine, industries, cosmetics, chemical reactions, and so on. Apart from that, its main usage are listed as follows;


In medicines, it is used to decrease the dosage as low as possible so that the medicine becomes consumable and beneficial.

Rubber Industries

Zinc Oxide is a vital component in rubber manufacturing. It is used to increase the thermal stability, vulcanization speed, and bond strength of the rubber. Without this component, rubber would not be as safe and durable as how we use it for our vehicles today.

Sporting Goods

Sports goods are also a derivative of active zinc oxide products. It is also used in forming sports equipment, such as balls, gloves, and so on.


Proven Benefits Of Zinc Oxide

Active zinc oxide helps humans in various ways. However, its paramount importance is its effectiveness on treating skin diseases and conditions. It is known as a natural skin healer that treats rashes, burns, and even epidermal injuries quickly. All you need to do is apply it — whether with a powdered product or in other forms — on your injured area of the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zinc Oxide used?

Zinc oxide is used vastly in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries, and referring to rubbers and latex products. It is mainly used for its characteristics: Extremely inert and Odorless. In the pharmaceutical field, it helps reduce the dosage of any drugs by 50%.

It could be used for the medicines that need to be engineered before it is considered consumable for humans. In industries manufacturing rubber, active zinc oxide is a component that increases a rubber’s stability, speed of vulcanization and bond strength, and many more.

What does Zinc Oxide do in powder?

In powdered form, zinc oxide is mainly used in cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, yet it’s still rarely used in industries. It is used to make ointments, creams, and various powders that work for treating skin conditions like diaper rashes in babies, insect injuries, burns, and more related skin problems. Surely, all of these conditions are treated by medicines that contain powdered zinc oxide.



In conclusion, active zinc oxide is mainly used for medical purposes and people also use it in industries. In one way or another, it has now become an essential component of our lives, because of its medicinal purposes. It will remain vital until its alternative is found. Bottom line, no one ever wants their skin to be damaged in any way. Therefore, it is considered as a must-have tremendous chemical to be in our skin home-remedy.


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