Benefits of Zinc Oxide in your Skincare Routine

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Zinc Oxide in your Skincare – Normal zinc oxide does not only treat rosacea but also heals wounds faster. The astringent properties of the element help to reduce large pores and regular your skin’s oil production. As it is highly non-comedogenic, it is a major ingredient in sunblock creams and sunscreens.



Micronized zinc oxide 


It is essential to include micronized zinc oxide in your skincare routine as it reflects and absorbs. You might not know it, but you’ve already used it as sunscreens. It adds a protective layer on your skin surface to absorb and reflect the harmful UV and UVB rays from the skin.



Zinc oxide and sun protection


Zinc oxide is a primary element of sunscreen and dates 2000 years back. The powdery, white inorganic compound comes from a natural mineral, zincite. Since 5000 years ago, it was popular due to its medicinal benefits.


For instance, the ancient Greeks used it to treat open wounds and as a salve for eyes. Nowadays, we find zinc oxide in almost every ointment. Many doctors prefer to use zinc oxide ointments to treat or alleviate the symptoms of skin cancer.


Today, you utilize the benefits of zinc oxide in your skincare routine as well. It is used in the most essential daycare skin routine product- the sunscreen.



Why is zinc oxide used in sunscreens?


Dr. Ashley Magovern, a well-known dermatologist says that it is the best sunscreen ingredient. Not only does it block UV rays, but UVB rays as well. Both of the rays are responsible for causing skin cancer, skin damage, burns, and breakout.


Zinc oxide is resistant and photostable to water. It means that the particles of zinc oxide won’t break down or wipe off from your skin once applied to the skin. It holds through swimming and sweating and is the best ingredient one can invest in.


The dermatologist further adds that it protects from long UVA rays- responsible for skin-aging. The UVA rays are always there in the environment, regardless of the weather or the season. Dermatologists advise us to apply sunscreen even if we are at home, it is essential to shield our skin against these rays at all times.



Who benefits from zinc oxide the most? – skin types that use zinc oxide 


Many skin types benefit from zinc oxide in sunscreens; however, it is the most useful for babies and young children. Their skin is not as developed as the adult’s skin. Other than that, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Zinc oxide present in the sunscreen does not absorb in the skin, unlike chemicals. Instead, it adds a protection layer to protect young and sensitive skin. For instance, if eczema inflicts your skin, you have a weak barrier. However, zinc oxide will protect you from harmful rays as well as the chemicals that your skin absorbs.



Try zinc oxide yourself


If you have sensitive or eczema-prone skin, make sure you invest in a sunscreen with zinc oxide and minimal chemicals. The lightweight consistency of the sunscreen makes it comfortable to wear daily. It works wonderfully to protect yourself from harmful rays.



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