How You Can Use Zinc Oxide with Shea Butter


Zinc oxide is a main ingredient used in several products in the beauty and skincare industry, and you might wonder what makes it so special.

It has qualities that help give protection to our skin, and it works well with shea butter, another ingredient that holds immense importance in these industries.

Here are a few DIYs where you can use zinc oxide with shea butter.


Zinc oxide is the main ingredient in sunscreens since it acts as nano zinc oxide to shield the skin against UV Rays. In fact, it explains why most sunscreens leave white cast; it is the pigment.

But you can even make your own sunscreen with a few ingredients.

All you have to do is whip shea butter and slowly add the zinc oxide, a carrier oil (like jojoba), and a few drops of essential oil for the scent.

Anti-Acne Cream

Zinc oxide is present in almost all anti-acne skincare because it helps fight skin inflammation and soothes irritation. It also helps reduce oil production on the face, which helps clear out the skin.

Making a simple anti-acne cream at home using shea butter, jojoba oil, zinc oxide, and lavender essential oil or camphor oil is easy. But make sure to do a test patch and consult a specialist if you have an extreme condition.

Hand Cream

Shea butter gives skin moisture, so it is a great ingredient for making a DIY hand or foot cream. Using zinc oxide helps adding SPF and gives extra protection.

The recipe is mostly the same as the others, except it’s better to use coconut oil. Just mix it with shea butter, zinc oxide, and any essential oil you like for the scent.

It works so well because both ingredients provide the benefits necessary for our skin.

Soothing Salve

Zinc oxide can help fight infection and soothe irritated skin, while shea butter moisturizes and aids in reducing inflammation. It can even help heal cuts and bruises.

Mixing camphor oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, and zinc oxide creates an amazing salve you can use to soothe small injuries or even on your face as an anti-acne cream like the one we gave above.

These ingredients act as antioxidants or are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-septic.

How Zinc Oxide Works

Zinc oxide works in different ways for each kind of product.

It reduces oil production by hindering androgen production, which is male hormones, in our bodies. It also forms a shield between UV Rays and our skin in sunscreens.

It also has anti-fungal properties, which help fight skin conditions like eczema, ringworm, and psoriasis.


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