Treat Eczema with Zinc Oxide

treat eczema with zinc oxide


Zinc oxide is an FDA-approved anti-inflammatory treatment that is recommended by many dermatologists around the world for irritated skin conditions, such as rash, poison ivy, and even eczema. Clinical research confirms that it soothes and calms the skin. Mild zinc oxide for eczema also offers antiseptic benefits to your skin. 



Zinc oxide for eczema 


It is one of the most effective, mild fragrant ingredients, used in treatment creams for diaper rash, poison ivy, and eczema. It is often used in sunscreens to protect the skin against sunburns and rashes due to sun rays and sweat.


You would also see dermatologists recommending zinc oxide hair treatment for seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. 


Clinical trials were run to measure the potential benefits of zinc oxide for eczema. The scientists found out that it stops the spread of infection, controls itching, and stops the burning sensation. Moreover, zinc oxide is also useful in treating psoriasis.


Other than that, zinc oxide is often used to treat: 

  • Shingles
  • Chickenpox 
  • Rosacea
  • Warts
  • Varicella-zoster virus
  • Hyper pigmentary issues
  • Neoplasia



What is zinc oxide for eczema?


It is made from the derivative of zinc; a natural metallic compound that is also found in the human body in small concentrations. Zinc is an important element when it comes to human growth.


Moreover, the daily intake of zinc oxide protects against the common cold and even stops the spread of viruses in the body. However, restricted doses of zinc oxide are incorporated in the diet of patients by doctors because the tiniest dose can bring many benefits to us.


Besides the use of zinc oxide for eczema treatment and other medical applications, this compound is also used for commercial and industrial applications. For example, zinc oxide is also used in electronic appliances.


However, there are no side effects of applying zinc oxide topically for treating eczema. 



Benefits of using zinc oxide for eczema 


Here are the following benefits of applying topical zinc oxide:


Heals the skin

Clinical trials show that zinc oxide has the capability to heal the skin after injuries or sunburns.


Retains moisture 

Eczema makes it difficult for the skin to stay hydrated. If you have eczema, you’d have little to no moisture within your skin. However, zinc oxide is known to retain moisture. It also creates a thick protective layer to retain the moisture for long periods.


Stops infection 

Zinc oxide is loaded with anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. These properties help to heal and clean the eczema-infected skin by keeping the eczema-causing bacteria at bay. 


Prevents flare-ups of eczema 

The regular topical use of zinc oxide (cream) might prevent flare-ups. 


Prevents itch and rashes 

Eczema causes a lot of itching and red rashes on the infected areas. Zinc oxide’s natural micronutrients help to control itching and prevent red rashes all over the skin. 



Conclusion – Zinc oxide is recommended by dermatologists


The zinc oxide contributes to improves the regeneration of the skin. Hence, healing eczema itching, burns, rashes, and redness. Skin experts and dermatologists recommend applying zinc oxide topically to suppress the effects of eczema on the skin.



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