Understanding Some Applications of Zinc Oxide

Understanding-Some-Applications-of-Zinc-Oxide-Detail - PT Citra CakraLogam


Zinc Oxide is an inorganic compound with a chemical structure of ZnO which has a shape of white powder, doesn’t dissolve in water, and is also recognized with the name white zinc. Zinc Oxide often applied in various industries. Most applications of zinc oxide exploit the reactivity of oxide as a precursor of other zinc compounds. Zinc Oxide which has a high refractive index and thermal conductivity, and also has the binding ability, anti-bacterial, and UV protector make it a production material for various products such as tire, rubber, paint, ointment/medicine (pharmacy), cosmetic, etc.


There are many applications of Zinc Oxide. First, for the Production of Tire. Almost 50% of Zinc Oxide applications are for the tire and rubber industry. Zinc oxide and stearic acid are used in the vulcanization process of tires.


Second, for the paint Industry. Zinc Oxide has been used to formulate the white pigment for paint and watercolor paint in the paint industry for a long time. Other than that, paint which contained of Zinc Oxide powder is also used as an anti-corrosion coating for many metals.


Another application of zinc oxide within the pharmacy world makes use of the fine particle properties of oxide which is anti-bacterial and deodorizer. Zinc Oxide is utilized to heal different skin conditions, therefore it is mainly used as baby powder, genitals cream, anti-dandruff shampoo, etc.


And for the last, The character of zinc oxide that is able to become the catalyst of UV ray makes Zinc Oxide is also used by the cosmetic industry as the basic material to create sunblock and whitening cream. If you need a trusted supplier for high-quality zinc oxide, call us on +62343657777 or send us an email to info@citracakralogam.com. Our team will be glad to guide your purchasing process.