Why Transparent Zinc Oxide is Your Ultimate Skin Protector



The Zinc Oxide is solely a chemical mixture of the naturally occurring metal Zinc with oxygen molecules.The carried electric charges give it several advantages regarding healing, protecting the skin from sun damage and acne, preventing bacterial infections, and acting as an anti-aging tool.

Transparent or clear zinc oxide is a type of zinc oxide powder with a porous surface texture. It has a special kind of UV filter that meets local cosmetic standards. These micron-sized particles within the powder result in reflecting not as much light as the common zinc oxide powder, and less whitening on the skin.

There are obvious benefits to this particular variation on the substance, namely that it is not absorbed into your body and is beneficial to the environment. On the other hand, the larger-sized powder of transparent zinc oxide provides the same level of protection for the body from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.


Benefits of Transparent Zinc Oxide

As mentioned above, zinc oxide’s natural antiseptic and antibacterial ability allows it to tackle epidermal wounds and rashes. This makes the material particularly useful for treating post-surgery wounds and applying salve in the mouth to treat ulcers. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory qualities of zinc oxide aid in protecting the skin from acne, helping the tissue growth, and repairing all sorts of wounds.

Secondly, it can also be a non-toxic sunscreen that protects against UVB and UVA light rays. By all means, transparent zinc oxide is beneficial. How it works as a broad-spectrum blocker makes this type considered exceptional; the application of transparent zinc oxide powder protects your skin from all kinds of light rays while preventing your skin from getting side effects.

Besides that, this type of zinc oxide settles on the top of your skin, it is also a cleaner alternative. That way, it acts as a sunscreen that reflects off dangerous sun rays while ensuring that your skin remains moisturized and safe. Which enables it for a much broader usage, as it gives a non-greasy feel when applied to your skin.


How It Works

You can use Zinc Oxide as a powder, creams or ointments, sunscreen, and even as a diaper rash remedy. You can also combine supplements of zinc oxide with other tropical treatments to provide even more protection and safety.

Even though the material is perfectly safe for all range of ages and types, please make sure that you thoroughly wash any areas upon where the material will be applied. Since the material may cause some minor allergic reactions, this step is required in order to protect skin that may be susceptible to it.



Transparent zinc oxide carries many health benefits as well as reduces the risks and side effects. Its importance is especially pertinent for the age, in which exposure to ultraviolet rays is a commonplace due to environmental degradation. In the same way the broad-spectrum is able to block attributes of the ZnO to protect your body from those rays, it also ensures that your skin will not be damaged or dried up during the process.



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