Why Using Zinc Oxide for Cold Sores is Recommended



Cold sores stand as one of the most common viruses in the world. Different types of herpes, such as HSV 1 and HSV 2, can end up causing cold sores too. Treating it, unfortunately, is a long process. The symptoms of cold sores are usually distressing for the patients. Having a cold sore outbreak is a challenging experience as patients suffer from pain to a constant burning sensation. The best treatment will be prescribed by trained professionals. Most medical professionals will suggest the patients to use zinc oxide in treating some of the mentioned symptoms.

Here are things about zinc oxide that you need to know.


Roles and Benefits of Using Zinc Oxide for Cold Sores

Zinc oxide has been consistently proven to reduce soreness, blisters, and other debilitating symptoms of cold sores. Fortunately, several forms of zinc oxide are available in most counters on the market. Zinc oxide usually comes in the form of a cream or a paste that patients can gently apply to the infected area.

Studies have shown that the usage of zinc oxide can help reduce symptoms and the severity of the virus. Overall, it’s an effective treatment that can provide quick relief for the patient.


The primary function of zinc oxide is to shorten the duration of a cold sore outbreak significantly. Topical zinc oxide treatments have been consistently shown to deliver results when it comes to the treatment of cold sores.

The Benefits of Zinc Oxide for Cold Sores

Studies have found definitive proof that zinc oxide is able to significantly reduce symptoms of cold sores. Patients will find relief from the severe pain and irritation that comes with suffering from this virus. Zinc also shortens the duration of cold sores and allows patients to heal faster.


How Zinc Oxide Treats Cold Sores

Several kinds of research have been conducted to find a concrete reason why zinc oxide is highly effective. A research, led by the University of Illinois, has determined that zinc oxide boasts the ability to attract herpes to it. The solution has a negatively charged surface and essentially uses this feature to trap the virus. This function of zinc prevents the virus from entering cells.


While zinc oxide may seem like a magical solution, using this substance also comes with its problems. The overuse of the topical zinc oxide tends to gravely irritate your skin over time. Therefore it is important to keep the proper dosage when using one.

Final Thoughts

Zinc oxide treatments for cold sores are recommended solutions for patients to utilize. Patients can significantly reduce the severity of their symptoms as well as the duration of the outbreak. Individuals can use topical or zinc supplements to equip their bodies with what they need to fight against the virus. While topical zinc solutions are preferred, zinc supplements can support your immune system in fighting against the spread of the virus.



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