Why Zinc Oxide Lubricants Are Essential For Your Motor Engine


When thinking of vehicle maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is an oil change. That’s because engine oil avoids the damaging friction in your engine’s moving parts for optimum performance. Many modern engine oils even have additives to help reduce wear. However, these additives can become ineffective in the long run because of heat, pressure, and wear.

Hence, you need an effective engine oil that lubricates and protects the engine against wear and tear. However, with so many oil variants available in stores, figuring out which is best for your vehicle can take much time and effort.

ZDDP in Engine Oils

An excellent option to consider are engine oils containing zinc additives. Zinc in lubricants describes a substance called Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphates or ZDDP, a combination of zinc and phosphorus. The purpose of this additive is to avoid contact between metals for maximum longevity of your engine’s moving parts.

How Zinc Oxide Lubricants Work

Zinc behaves as a friction inhibitor and a sacrificial wear material by developing a protective film over metallic parts. The anti-wear additive sticks to metals, creating a surface layer boundary inside your engine. Another benefit of using zinc oxide lubricants is that it minimizes corrosion caused by oxidation, allowing your engine to remain rust-free for longer.

Older engines that use ‘flat tappet’ lifters in the engine can benefit from zinc oxide lubricants as it helps keep the lifters and camshafts from wearing out too quickly. ZDDP is also a good option for engines with more inherent valvetrain, bearing friction, and pistons. In addition, it works well on vehicles not used for extended periods.

The Absence of Zinc Oxide Lubricant in Modern Motor Oil

A few years ago, zinc was discovered to be a leading cause of impetuous catalytic converter failure. For this reason, oil manufacturers slowly removed zinc from their ingredients list. As a result, only a few manufacturers still use zinc additives in their engine oil.

Since the absence of zinc in modern motor oil doesn’t affect newer vehicles with roller lifters or overhead cams, it makes things difficult for older editions that require its anti-wear properties for survival.

Many experts argue that zinc isn’t just vital for earlier versions of flat-tappet vehicles but also necessary for new engines. Every part needs adequate lubrication for maximum durability, from the rod bearings to the oil pump and cams. So whether you have an older ride like the Ford Orion or a brand new ride, it surely can benefit from zinc oxide lubricants.

Find High-Quality Zinc for Your Motor Engine Oil

Using French Production Process and Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc Inglots as the raw material, Citra Cakra Logam provides high-quality zinc oxide for several industries (including the automobile sector). This way, the company can ensure consistent quality despite variances in the formulation.

If you need more information regarding zinc oxide for vehicle engine oil, feel free to message customer service for guidance.

Final Word

Every car owner wants to extend the life of their engine, especially if it’s older and needs special attention. If you want your vehicle to drive smoothly and suffer less wear, consider adding zinc oxide lubricants to your staple engine oil for maximum engine parts protection. It will significantly reduce the risk of engine damage and improve your car’s fuel mileage in the long term.