Zinc Oxide Animal Nutrition: Is It Good For Livestock?

zinc oxide animal nutrition


Zinc Oxide Animal Nutrition – Zinc oxide is an additive compound that is widely used in cement, plastics, glass, paints, ointments, batteries, pigments, sealants, first-aid tapes, ferrites, and lubricants. While zinc occurs naturally in minerals, zincate, zinc oxide is produced and manufactured synthetically by large industries around the world. While many people use zinc oxide for their antiseptic properties, farmers use them for livestock nutrition. 



Zinc oxide – An important source of nutrition in livestock feed

Zinc oxide is a good source of nutrition for living beings. That is why; farmers add traces of zinc oxide in livestock feed. Traces of zinc oxide animal nutrition are essential because the inorganic compound has an important effect on the organisms. 


Even if zinc oxide animal nutrition is taken by the livestock in smaller quantities, they have a great effect on the functions of hormones and enzymes. 


Research indicated that it can’t be replaced by other elements to improve the metabolism of livestock. 


Zinc provides sufficient iron to an animal’s body and is a common trace element that continues the function of more than 300 hormones and enzymes. 


For instance, zinc deficiency in animals causes loss of appetite, poor physical growth, and a bad conversion rate. Moreover, it plays an active yet important role to improve the defense enzymes in the body. 



What are the types of zinc oxide for animal nutrition?

Here are the common types of zinc oxide animal nutrition for the feed:



W-78 zinc oxide or the American process for animal nutrition is produced by a special treatment followed by a reduction-oxidation system. As a result, we get high-quality zinc oxide for livestock feed. 


One disadvantage of this type of zinc oxide animal nutrition is that it possesses a low level of impurity, which might not be appropriate for a lot of agricultural applications. 


Afox 72-75

Afox 72-75 is considered a free-flowing zinc oxide powder of technical grade. In this type, a 72/75% ratio of zinc oxide is used for livestock feed. The contents of zinc oxide powder are included in the livestock feed via a premix. 


The impurities in Afox are strictly controlled. Moreover, it has GMP+ certification and is dioxin-free. However, traces of other elements are also added in the livestock feed with zinc oxide as the technical grade powder mixes well. 



What are the benefits of zinc oxide animal nutrition?

Zinc is the second-most abundant trace element in the animal body. However, it can’t be stored in the body under normal conditions. Thus, dietary intake of zinc oxide is necessary to promote growth in livestock. 


The nanoparticles of zinc oxide come in the size of 1 to 100 nm. The zinc oxide works as an antibacterial agent in the animal body and promotes fast growth. Moreover, it modulates the reproduction of animals and increases immunity power. 


However, higher doses of zinc oxide through dietary intake have had a variety of effects on livestock. 




While scientists are still trying to optimize the doses of zinc oxide in the livestock feed, the dietary intake of an essential compound has shown promising benefits which all the farmers appreciate.



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