Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream – Daily Defense Against Rashes

zinc oxide diaper rash cream


Zinc oxide diaper rash cream is a special defense medicinal remedy to relieve rash discomfort. It works by forming a protective layer to soothe out the rashes.



What is zinc oxide diaper rash cream?

Diaper rash cream is a topical skin product that works by forming a protective layer on the skin to mitigate mild to severe skin abrasion, irritation, and rashes. Technically, it promotes diaper rash relief but it can also heal chapped skin.


Due to zinc oxide powder’s antiseptic properties, it works as a mild astringent and works like magic on your baby’s skin.



How does zinc oxide help to mitigate diaper rashes?

Zinc oxide powder in diaper rash cream forms a protective barrier against the diaper and the baby’s skin. A moderate concentration of zinc oxide powder (10% to 15%) is used to prevent diaper rash and maintain smooth skin.


However, if you want to treat severe diaper rashes, you should use diaper rash creams with a higher concentration of zinc oxide (up to 40%). It has antiseptic and absorptive properties to heal abrasions and provide comfort to your child.



What are the benefits?

Zinc oxide diaper rash treatment has a creamy formula, is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Most dermatologists prefer using diaper rash creams with a moderate concentration of zinc oxide to prevent reactions.


The best thing about the diaper rash cream is that you can apply it smoothly and also wipe it off easily.


Here are two major uses of the rash cream:

  • It prevents and treats mild to severe diaper rash and abrasions
  • It helps to lock out wetness
  • Diaper rash cream with zinc oxide formula protects chafed and chapped skin


Here are some benefits that the rash cream offers:


Moisturizes the skin

Oil-based rash cream locks moisture on the surface of the skin. Moreover, zinc oxide has emollient properties that smooth out and softens the skin.


It forms a protective barrier

The protective barrier between the skin and the diaper keeps the rashes and abrasions at bay. Your baby will feel comfortable throughout the day


It reduces irritation

With rashes come unwanted irritations and redness. As the cream is hypoallergenic in nature, it heals irritations and reduces redness in just 24 hours. It works best for babies with sensitive to dry skin.


Thick consistency that stays throughout the day

It has a creamy texture that allows you to apply it smoothly and also wipe it off easily with a cloth or lukewarm water. As opposed to water-based formulas, oil-based diaper rash cream stays for more than 8 hours.


It relieves diaper rash discomfort

One great advantage of zinc oxide diaper rash cream is that it relieves discomfort instantly. According to adequate research, most babies get relief within 12 hours.




Zinc oxide diaper rash cream is widely preferred and recommended by dermatologists across the globe to get instant relief from irritation, redness, rashes, and abrasions. However, one must consult a general physician if the rashes are severe and agonizing.


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