Zinc Oxide for Foot Odor: A Quick Fix


For years, Zinc Oxide is used to treat burns, wounds, and minor skin infections. However, with medical enhancements, the usage of zinc oxide has become even broader. Zinc oxide for foot odor – will that work? Well, this might be the simplest remedy to treat smelly feet within days.


Why Zinc Oxide?

As the name suggests, Zinc Oxide is made from zinc, a metallic mineral element used in medicine, electronics, household products, and even sunscreen products. It contains unique properties that will help your skin recover to its normal state.

Guess what? It is even available within and onto our bodies.

With so many benefits, there is a good chance that the daily skin products that you’ve been using for years may also contain zinc oxide.


3 Easy Traditional Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor

Before we dig into the benefits of Zinc Oxide, we must discover more about a few conventional remedies to get rid of smelly feet.


Essential Oils

This one might seem familiar to you. Essential oils can be an easy and simple remedy to treat smelly feet. They kill bacteria, have fragrances, and soothe dry feet too.


Antibacterial Soaps

You can easily find antibacterial soap to wash your feet.

Baking soda contains natural anti-bacterial properties. Mix baking soda in warm water and soak your feet at least once a day.

Similarly, washing feet with anti-bacterial soap or bathing products helps you get rid of feet odor.


Soak Your Feet in Salt

Soak your feet in a mixture of salt, water, and vinegar, then you’ll be able to feel the odor expelled from your feet.

For an alternative, have white vinegar or apple cider mixed with water in a 1:2 ratio. Soak your feet once a week to get rid of smelly feet.


Get Rid of Smelly Feet with Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide helps in developing healthy cells within your body. The foot odor is caused by the accumulation of bacterial growth inside the foot’s cells.

These bacteria feeding in your feet’s cells can be stopped with the anti-bacterial properties of zinc oxide.


Zinc Cream for Foot Odor

Zinc oxide creams have become quite popular in the last few years. They’ve become the most effective way to fight the bacterial growth that is accumulated in sweaty feet.

As compared to the original form of zinc, the zinc oxide cream contains a more concentrated form of anti-bacterial properties that kills the bacteria feeding on your foot skin cells.

According to a study, more than 70% of people found that zinc oxide creams work more effectively compared to conventional methods to get rid of foot odor.



Thus, zinc oxide applications have come a long way. It is considered to be the best remedy to treat skin conditions. From sunscreens, zinc oxide sticks, to zinc oxide creams.

Also, skin products that contain zinc oxide are gentle enough to be used on infants and elderly people who deal with sensitive skin.

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