Zinc Oxide for Fungal Infection

Zinc Oxide for Fungal Infection Citra CakraLogam


Zinc Oxide is a common remedy to treat fungal infection, but not everyone knows the exact benefits the compound provides and the reason why it is so effective in combating any infections.


The Benefits of Zinc Oxide in Fighting Fungal Infection


1.   Reducing Infections

The obvious point is that zinc oxide and other zinc compounds are efficacious in fighting fungal infections in many forms, making them a key ingredient in anti-fungal creams. It was also found to increase anti-fungal medicine effectiveness. If not as zinc oxide, its pyrithione form or paired with miconazole for ointment for over 4-weeks old infants. Zinc oxide is also used in foot powders for fungal conditions such as Athlete’s Foot.


2.   Zinc Oxide in Soaps

Zinc is a well-known ingredient for soaps, especially since it helps fight against several skin conditions, including ringworm, eczema, and psoriasis. Zinc oxide is used in zinc soaps for fungal infections in the body. However, pyrithione zinc is used for body soaps since it has been found to be majorly effective against Malassezia Fungus.


3.   Zinc Oxide in Personal Care Items

Several brands use the compound to create baby lotions, cosmetics like foundation, and nail products. This means that having a reliable provider is a necessity in the industry.

Since it’s so widely applicable, its use has also arisen in the water filter industry.

Pyrithione Zinc is also used in anti-dandruff shampoos such as the American brand Head & Shoulders.


4.   Used in Sunscreen

The final major reason for zinc oxide being widely circulated in the industry is its utility as nano zinc oxide which works as a UV filter in sunscreens. It helps soothe the skin and ease any kind of irritation. It is used in mineral sunscreens that its pigment makes the product in general leaves a white cast.


How it Works

Zinc oxide has been proven to help reduce fungal infections, mainly because the compound reduces fungal growth in most mediums, giving other chemicals a chance to fight off the remaining growth. It essentially causes the fungi to either deform or stop its conidiospores from developing, leading to its death.

Apart from fungal infections, the idea has even been applied to zinc oxide coatings to air filters, where it tends to be a hub for fungal growth. Studies have found that its nanoparticles helped stop the fungi from growing at a fast rate.

Its inhibiting properties make it a key ingredient for several skin conditions, including dandruff, atopic dermatitis, and other fungal infections.



While zinc and its compounds are used to combat several fungal infections, we should be aware of the singular uses of zinc oxide as well. Make sure to choose the products wisely by paying attention to its proven quality. As Citra CakraLogam is trusted by certified partners within the industry, we ensure that you are in good hands and reliable with top-tier zinc oxide supplies.



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