Zinc Oxide for Herpes: The Effective Treatment



Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that prevails on the genitals of both genders. This virus can not be cured entirely. Its symptoms include blisters over the genitals and ulcers. Herpes can be very contagious and passes on from one person to another through skin-to-skin contact.


Herpes Treatment Through Zinc Oxide

For the treatment of herpes, zinc oxide is made in a form of ointment or cream. Therefore, it becomes more accessible to apply the ointment to the infected area of the genital. If an ointment of zinc oxide is unavailable, zinc oxide nanoparticles can also be used to treat herpes. When using it, make sure to clean the part of the body where herpes resides with a surgical spirit. Then, apply the zinc oxide on the infected skin to treat it.


How Does It Work?

We should be more mindful of the mechanism behind the effectiveness of zinc oxide. The zinc oxide nanoparticles or the ointment form have negatively charged surfaces. On the other hand, the herpes virus (also known as HSV-2) has positively charged surfaces. This condition is a chemical phenomenon that causes the negative charges to attract the positive charges. That way, it helps the herpes in our system to be resisted. Zinc oxide nanoparticles or ointment is considered to work against herpes or HSV-2.


Prevention Is Better than Cure

To prevent herpes, consult your physician on a weekly basis and keep avoiding any chances of having harmful sexual activities. If you ever get a herpes infection, please do not consider treating it by yourself. One way or another, remember to always have prevention to reduce the risk for genital herpes. Be watchful, for no one wants to go through the hassle of curing any disease.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does zinc oxide help herpes?

Zinc oxide works effectively against herpes, whether it is facial or genital. It is used in the form of cream or ointment on herpes blisters. Zinc reduces the amount and the intensity of blisters of herpes, but does not completely cure it. In fact, the cure for herpes has not been discovered until this day. Hence, these measures are taken to reduce the severity of symptoms only.

What is the strongest treatment for herpes?

For now, health professionals most likely prescribe the following antiviral medications to treat herpes: Acyclovir, Famciclovir, and Valacyclovir. No more hassling to find these medicines, for it can be easily found at your nearest drugstore.

What causes herpes outbreaks?

Herpes does not outbreak suddenly. Some things might trigger massive flaring of herpes. These factors are severe illness, stress, exposure to sunlight, and fatigue. Thus whenever you notice symptoms of herpes, restrict yourself from any kind of social activities and it is best to stay at home in the meantime.



In conclusion, herpes is a non-curable skin disease that is sexually transmitted and will likely spread through skin contact. Hence, if you find symptoms of herpes, please avoid contact with other people as much as possible.

Before treating herpes by yourself, please contact a dermatologist immediately. The specialists are able to do physical examinations, in order to provide the appropriate treatment for your current condition. Any kind of self-treatment should have an approval from a related specialist.



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