Zinc Oxide For Wrinkles: How Does It Minimize The Risk



Zinc Oxide for Wrinkles – The protective abilities of zinc oxide have been acknowledged for over a thousand years. Though it sounds like some kind of an alloy that polishes your engine, the actual place of the material is in the realm of skincare. The zinc oxide does this superbly protection to your skin, by reflecting off ultraviolet rays while keeping your skin moisturized. Complimenting its potential to ward off dangerous sunlight, ZnO is also used in treating rashes and acne.

In this article, we will look at one certain benefit of Zinc Oxide, which is its usage in limiting the risk of wrinkles. We will see how exactly the alloy does this and the extent to which it can prevent the visibility of this inevitable marker of age.


Sun Protection

Most sun protection products and ointments have zinc oxide added to them. It provides a barrier between the sun and the skin by reflecting UV rays from the skin. The broad-spectrum blocking ability of zinc oxide makes it the perfect compound in this regard. The inert nature of the compound also makes it a suitable alternative to chemical sunscreens that irritate people with sensitive skin.

The sun-protecting element of zinc oxide also prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). This happens when moisture within the skin’s surface is lost to the environment, making the skin look very dull and wrinkled.



One of the most critical determinants in the anti-aging capabilities of zinc oxide must be its retention of moisture. The claim is proven by its ability in preventing TEWL or water loss from the surface of your skin, which our natural mechanisms fail to regulate once we age. The protective barrier protects you from the sun rays, and using the transparent versions of the zinc oxide can also keep your body moisturized and prevent wrinkling.


Preventing Wrinkles with Zinc Oxide

We have analyzed the sun-protecting and moisturizing effects of zinc oxide. How does all of this contribute to how we see the effects of zinc oxide on wrinkles?

Firstly, it is important to note how lacking zinc oxide leads to drying your skin. Why is this so? It is primarily because your body reduces the amount of natural oil it produces as it ages. Since this oil is essential to keep your skin moisturized, its reduction diminishes your body’s natural ability to retain moisture. This condition is what eventually wrinkles your skin as well.

What zinc oxide does, as demonstrated above, is that it retains that otherwise lost moisture due to its protective layers. ZnO also helps in DNA repair and collagen synthesis by its ability to act as an enzyme co-factor. These abilities make it a suitable substance for retaining moisture and reducing wrinkling.



Among the numerous benefits of zinc oxide, the one convincing usage is that it reduces skin wrinkling. This will be a natural outcome of the substance’s ability to act as a protective layer that reflects off ultraviolet rays and reduces the loss of moisture from the skin. Simply put, using zinc oxide products will surely provide anti-aging benefits we need as we grow older.



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