Zinc Oxide for Yeast Infection: Home Remedy Guides


To understand the role of zinc oxide in the treatment for yeast infection, firstly we need to know what yeast infection itself is. The yeast infection originates from a yeast called Candida that resides on the skin. Normally, it is harmless but in some situations, it grows uncontrollably onto the mucous and wet areas of the skin. This overgrowing of Candida is known as yeast infection.


The Role of Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is extremely vital for the treatment of yeast infection. The substance itself actually does not have much effect on yeast. Until it is combined with Miconazole and given a form of an ointment, then it will become the optimal solution. Now, as ointment is applied on the areas of the skin where the yeast infection occurs, you can see how it treats the certain area and eventually get rid of the infectious agents completely.


How to Use Zinc Oxide for Yeast Infection?

When you have acquired the ointment made out of zinc oxide and Miconazole, make sure that you have perceived how to take it correctly. Otherwise, the wrong way will worsen your skin condition. So first of all, you have to clean up the area of the skin, where you need to apply the ointment on. Using soaps to clean around the infected area is recommended too. Once you are done cleansing, please make sure that the skin has completely dried.

After you have dried off your skin, apply the ointment in layers to the infection area and make sure to cover it up. Remember, not to use the ointment to prevent diaper rashes, because it will increase the chances of yeast infection. Thus for your own safety, use the ointment only to treat yeast infection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zinc Oxide Help The Growth of Yeast?

Zinc oxide itself does not have any effect on the yeast, notwithstanding, its enmity of the yeast increases tenfold when combined with miconazole. This is because when both of these chemicals are combined, they trigger the antifungal capabilities of each other. As yeast is a type of fungus, they both work perfectly together to eradicate it when taken in the form of an infection.

What is The Fastest Way to Get Rid of “Yeast Infection”?

The fastest way to get rid of yeast infection would be to get in touch with a physician as soon as you notice the occurrence of the infection. If you can not do that soon, then you would need to get zinc oxide and Miconazole right away, and make the DIY ointment at home. Even when you go to a doctor, they might prescribe you a Fluconazole, which is an oral treatment that most likely takes about one week long of compliance.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, zinc oxide is a resource that is considered as a home remedy for treating yeast infections. This method unquestionably works indeed, but consulting your doctor would be the best option. Apparently, seeking advice from the professionals will more likely prevent you from doing the home remedy incorrectly. For that reason, always keep the medical consultation on the top of your list.



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