Zinc Oxide French Process: How Useful Is It?


Zinc Oxide is an inorganic white mineral that occurs in nature. Its alternate name is Zinc White, or in chemical formula it is known as ZnO. Technically, the zinc oxide is formed by heating zinc in air.

It is used for commercial purposes and is now mainly used in skincare products as well. Zinc Oxide is mainly used in cosmetics and personal care products — such as sunscreens, nail polishes, gels, baby lotions, soaps, and even foot powders. It is gentle on the skin and can also be applied to sensitive skin, for the elderly and even children.


Zinc Oxide French Process: What Is It?

In the Zinc Oxide French process, the quality of a particular zinc can be determined based on several quality control metrics.

First, zinc oxide is heated at the medium level to make it volatile. The vapors from the Zinc Oxide chemical are drawn to a controlled chamber to react with the oxygen that will produce the final product.

The French process helps in manufacturing zinc particle size to attain certain Zinc Oxide quality grades.

Later on, make the Zinc Oxide particles cool to determine the particle conformity according to the required grade metrics. All these quality control and statistical measures are essential in order to ensure the purity, effectiveness, and consistency of the manufactured zinc oxide.


Applications of Zinc Oxide

For over the years, the applications of Zinc Oxide are no longer limited to medicine and biotechnology. It is now allowed to be used in personal care products, ceramics, rubber, and-so-forth.

The following are some of major applications of Zinc Oxide:


Zinc Oxide in Rubber

Rubber is a popular Zinc Oxide application. More than 50% of the Zinc Oxide produced today is such a useful component to manufacture tyres, sports equipment, hoses, belts, shoe soles, and other rubber products.

The durable physical properties of Zinc Oxide make rubber become more agile – allowing it to absorb frictional heat, wear and tear, which can improve the performance of automotive tyres in the long run.


Zinc Oxide in Skin Care Products

Zinc Oxide is used in various personal care products to treat skin irritation, acne, sunburn, minor wounds, and infections.

The antibacterial properties of zinc kills the bacteria on your skin and helps keep  the product from giving unwanted effects.

For example, when a sunscreen with zinc oxide is applied to the skin, it creates an ultraviolet barrier between your skin and the sun rays. Moreover, Zinc Oxide creams are transparent and will not leave white patches on your skin, unlike the other sunscreens in general.


Zinc Oxide in Agriculture

Zinc oxide is a beneficial mineral that is known by the immune system to boost our metabolism rate. A different type of Zinc Oxide is also added to dietary and food products, in order to make them rich in minerals and prevent the growth of microbes in the food.

On top of that, Zinc Oxide is used in agricultural applications to improve crop life, health, and productivity as well.


Final Verdict

Briefly, we can see that science has come a long way in manufacturing different mineral-rich zinc variants to be used in both commercial and personal applications.

The best quality of Zinc Oxide products we find these days are manufactured via the French process, which derived from several statistical metrics as its standardization. Apparently, this makes the products – that consist of zinc – bring multiple benefits to our everyday lives.

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