Zinc Oxide Gel: A Guardian Angel for Your Skin


Zinc Oxide is a mineral mainly used to protect your skin against the sun. It can also treat minor skin conditions, such as skin irritation, diaper rashes, burns, wounds, cuts, and more.

Zinc Oxide is now used in many skincare products, and even your regular sunscreen product also has high chances that it would consist of Zinc Oxide as an active ingredient.


Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Gel

As the name suggests, Zinc Oxide sunscreen gel protects your skin from harmful sun rays. It might be the most effective and the most essential sunscreen product you’ll ever use.

Scientists confirm ancient documents that indicate the Zinc Oxide skin treatments back then. This white powdery mineral compound was actually used to treat open wounds and skin cancer.

Although it was used for different purposes today, Zinc Oxide is still considered as the most essential and effective ingredient in your sunscreen until now.

Here are some proven benefits of using Zinc Oxide gel in your daily routine:


UV Protection

According to a study by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Zinc Oxide is a safe ingredient to be applied on external skin. Its mineral compound creates a barrier on the skin, so that it is able to deflect the harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

When your skin is expo sed to UV rays daily, it most likely damages the skin tissues and speeds up the aging process. Even worse, it can also contribute to skin cancer.


Treating Dead Skin Cells

Do you see any dark spots on your skin? Well if you do, those are actually the dead skin cells harmed by harsh weather conditions.

Though Zinc Oxide gel will not whiten the skin or recover into the normal appearance, yet it is able to stop the damage. So make sure to apply Zinc Oxide to all of your surface of body which are not covered by clothes.


Diaper Rashes

Yes, Zinc Oxide gel and ointments are quite gentle to be applied to your baby’s skin.

The antibacterial properties of Zinc Oxide create a barrier against skin irritants – giving extra time for the rashes to heal. Simply put, it is your at-home remedy to treat diaper rashes.


Acne Treatment

There are two other forms of Zinc, which are Zinc Acetate and Zinc Sulfate, that can be used to treat acne and even similar inflammatory skin conditions.

This also works for skin conditions that cause nodules, cysts, itching, irritation, and pustules.


Treating Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are red skin rashes, swollen veins, and discomfort around the anal canal. Although it is not a serious skin condition, but it contributes to major discomfort, itching, and irritation.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Zinc Oxide is found in many hemorrhoid treatment medications. So consider adding Zinc Oxide gel to your medical supplies, once you see hemorrhoid symptoms.



To summarize, Zinc Oxide is now used as an active ingredient in your daily personal-care products. The antibacterial properties of this white powdery mineral make Zinc Oxide gel the perfect choice of home remedy to treat minor skin conditions. Moreover, it is quite gentle for babies and the elderly skin too.

Caution: If your skin condition does not improve within 6-7 days or the symptoms seem to be getting worse, make sure to prompt medical attention as soon as possible.



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