Zinc Oxide in Ceramics – The Secret of a Fine-Finished Selection

Zinc-Oxide-in-Ceramics---The-Secret-of-a-Fine-Finished-Selection-Detail - Citra CakraLogam


Zinc oxide is a highly versatile industrial chemical. It has been used in many big manufacturers as a complementary ingredient for their products. The ceramic industry is one of them, zinc oxide in ceramics is very important and has produced a refined ceramic selection.


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Ceramic industry uses zinc oxide particularly to build low thermal expansion and to create a glaze finish. The relatively high heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and high-temperature stability of zinc oxide combined with a comparatively low coefficient of expansion are desirable properties in the production of ceramics. It becomes a fluxing agent in the preparation of frits and enamels for ceramic objects.


Zinc oxide in ceramics has the main role to reduce the melting temperature; reduce the energy and equipment requirements while improving the intensity of color glazes. Zinc oxide works as a low expansion and secondary flux improves the elasticity of glazes by minimizing the change in viscosity as a function of temperature and helps prevent crazing and shivering. The final result would be decreased heat capacity and increased thermal conductivity.


Not only are relied on zinc oxide by these internal factors of behavior contributing to the ceramic also is interesting for its properties in a secondary way that prints to varnishes and glazes that are used in the ceramics industry.


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Zinc in small quantities improves the development of glossy and fine surfaces. However, in moderate to high amounts, it produces matte and crystalline surfaces. With regard to product finish, zinc has a complex influence.


Zinc oxide has been used in many ceramic objects in our daily life, such as:

  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Sanitary objects
  • Tableware and cookware
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Photochromic lenses


In order to obtain high-quality ceramics, you need to ensure that the zinc oxide you are using is a good selection. At Citra Cakra Logam, we are happy to provide only the best material for your ceramics or glassy products, call us in +62343657777 or send us an email to info@citracakralogam.com. Our team will guide you through the whole process.