Zinc Oxide on Acne Prone Skin – Effective Treatment & Prevention

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Our body needs many essential nutrients to keep it healthy. Zinc is one of them, it primarily protects the immune system from harmful cells. It has been studied for several medical concerns, one of the most widely studied is the use of zinc oxide on acne-prone skin.


Zinc can help fight viruses and bacteria. Most people get the zinc they need through their diet, but some others may find it from temporary supplementation.


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This mineral also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is common to find zinc in the form of zinc oxide in acne treatment products. It works to relieve some of the redness and irritation on the skin. It also may even help reduce the appearance of acne scars.


Zinc oxide has the ability to act like a mild astringent. It will keep harmful bacteria from causing infections and act as a natural skin-drying agent. Thus, zinc oxide on acne-prone skin treatment may help clear acne-causing bacteria and reduce oil production.


Zinc oxide on acne-prone skin is mostly used as a topical treatment for skin with acne problems. It is considered quite effective and carries fewer side effects.


The amount you use ultimately depends on the severity of your acne and your skin type. Dermatologists can help determine the right type of zinc for certain acne issues. It is recommended to make a prior consultation, especially for serious cases.


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Zinc is an essential mineral that helps the body inside and out. But it is mostly used to maintain the health of the largest organ: the skin. Its anti-inflammatory agent is beneficial for inflammatory acne and reducing scar appearance.


Zinc oxide on acne prone skin has been proven safe and widely used as a part of acne treatment and prevention. At Citra CakraLogam, we are happy to provide only the best zinc material for your personal care products, call us in +62343657777 or send us an email to info@citracakralogam.com. Our team will guide you through the whole process.