Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade



Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade is one of the critical and top chemicals used for skin application to increase skin beauty. It is a well-reputed chemical that has been used for many years in different countries of the world. Many people are facing skin problems and are looking for products in the pharmaceutical industry. This has been a progressive market for decades and the industry is growing rapidly.


If you are planning to expand your industry to pharmaceuticals, then you are in the right platform. We are going to describe Zinc Oxide, its uses, and also, the Zinc Oxide we are providing in the pharmaceutical industry.



Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade

Zinc Oxide is a powder of white color that is very useful for the skin before the number of advantages mentioned in the next sections. It is made from a natural mineral, which is Zincite, a mineral-free of impurities, especially heavy metals, which may cause several skin diseases like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic, etc. Zincite is the natural mineral for the Zinc Oxide preparation, but it can be made synthetically as well. The tops and the incredible attractive features of the Zinc Oxides include free of allergic reactions, free of side effects, free of irritations, and free of any harmful effects.


If we go for the broader term, Zinc Oxide Pharmaceuticals Grade, its meaning goes to more general cases. The Zinc Oxide Pharmaceuticals Grade is free of the harm that we provide harmful impurities and are pure up to 99.8%, which are the attractive features.



Benefits/Uses of Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is useful not only for the skin but also for increasing the beauty of the skin, but it provides a lot of advantages, which are given in the following sections:


1. Skin Products

Zinc Oxide is used in several skin products such as creams and lotions. These products are available in a wide range of all age people such as for children, young and elders. However, the quantity of Zinc Oxide, including other useful products, may be different because of its age and effects.


2. Medications

Zinc Oxide is a useful product to be used in medicines. These medicines are used by people who are facing skin problems.


3. Protective Agent for the Skin

Zinc Oxide is a protective agent for the skin. It helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, from automobile rays, from pollution and irritations. Zinc Oxide is beneficial for women during pregnancy. It is because they can avoid the moles and pimples on the skin, which is the major problem most pregnant women face. Moreover, it helps the skin to protect absorbing the unpleasant odors of the outside environment.


4. Use in Cosmetics

Another critical and versatile advantage of Zinc Oxide is that it is used in several cosmetics such as face powder, lipstick, makeup, creams, and shampoos. It is the best protector ever for your skin.



Zinc Oxides Pharmaceutical Grade that We Are Providing

Citra CakraLogam is the number one Zinc Oxide manufacturing company in Indonesia that is working under a team of experts and professionals. We are here to provide you all types of useful information about Zinc Oxide. The Zinc Oxide, which we are providing, is world-grade quality and available to serve various industries. Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade that we provide for the pharmaceutical industry has the following characteristics:


●      It is 99.8% Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

●      Zinc Oxide is free of heavy metals including Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and is free of the impurities


Another important point is we use the French Production Process, thus we manufacture only highly purified Zinc Oxide. In this process, Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc Ingot is used as raw material for Zinc Oxide production. The content is further processed to get pure Zinc Oxide, which fulfills the industrial requirements, including the pharmaceutical industry. We also have high-quality Zinc Oxide to serve critical pharmaceutical sectors, including the Beiersdorf, Galenium Pharmacia, and Hisamitsu.


The best zinc oxide formula definitely will be highly requested in the future. Call us on +62343657777 or send us an email to info@citracakralogam.com. Our team will guide you through the whole process. If you have any more questions about us, feel free to ask any time because we are here 24/7 for you.