Zinc Oxide Primer in the Paint Industry

zinc oxide primer

Zinc oxide primer is a hazardous yet useful compound listed and regulated by OSHA. The zinc primer is a carcinogen and highly toxic for humans. It has the ability to destroy organic and mold growth on the surface of boats, aircraft, and vehicles. Moreover, it protects aluminum and iron from corrosion. 

Corrosion protection from zinc oxide primer

Zinc oxide primers are used to prevent corrosion on steel materials. It is one of the effective remedies to protect and seal critical equipment, such as an engine, from moisture. With one coating of primer, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and rust at all. 

Unlike regular epoxies and paints which resist rust and corrosion by forming a protective barrier between the atmospheric moisture and metal, it provides protection from corrosion through an electrical mechanism. 

Primers that are rich in zinc provide excellent resistance against corrosion. However, you can’t apply zinc oxide primers to thin metal sheets. They are produced for structural steel, iron, and aluminum materials.

There are two types of primers:

  • Inorganic oxide primer
  • Organic oxide primer

Inorganic zinc oxide primer

Inorganic zinc oxide primers are used for single coat protection. It is the best solution to protect the material from weather conditions. It is often applied as a subsequent topcoat on organic zinc primer. Inorganic primer has a high content of zinc oxide. Therefore, it provides the best protection as compared to organic zinc oxide primer. 

Organic zinc oxide primer 

Organic oxide primers are used with Urethane, epoxy, and other agents. They are commonly used for highly corrosive equipment and environments, such as the sea. For example, they are widely used in construction, oil, and marine industries. 

Organic primers vary to a wide range of structural steel including power plants, ships, boats, oil platforms, and even chemical plants.

Why is zinc oxide primer coating important?

Companies in the US save more than 30% of the corrosion and rust costs with primer coatings. Investing in high-end zinc primer coats can prevent corrosion and lower your maintenance costs as well. 

Extensive research tells us that corrosion and rust can have damaging effects on switches, pumps, valves, motors, belts, and other equipment. 

Here are some of the reasons why companies should invest in quality zinc oxide primers:

Reduce accidents 

Accidents at work can accumulate to more than 250 billion dollars each year. A lot of accidents are caused by faulty machine parts. If the equipment is free of corrosion and rust, the risk of accidents is also reduced. 

Reduce costs 

More than 25% of the corrosion cost can be reduced by primer coatings. 


If you are concerned about corrosion and rust on the surface of your equipment, try using zinc oxide primer. Not only will it reduce your maintenance costs but will also save your time.


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