Zinc Oxide Rubber Grade



Zinc oxide rubber grade is more important than you have ever known. Although it isn’t a compound that’s widely known outside the industry, it actually has a wide range of uses.

One of the qualities is the ability to make highly durable rubber, known as vulcanization. The mere tire industry is a major user, which means that having a reliable supplier is of the utmost significance.


How it Works

First, you must know what vulcanization means. Simply put, vulcanization is the hardening process of rubbers through various means, which the method usually involves sulfur. To give you an idea of how important zinc oxide is to the rubber industry, it is shown that around 50% to 60% of the entire production is tied up to it.


Sulfur Vulcanization

While several methods have evolved to convert natural rubber or related polymers to varying hardness levels, sulfur vulcanization is the most common practice.

The process uses several accelerants, activators, retarders, and inhibitors at various stages of the process, with zinc oxide playing a key role as an activator. The compound activates accelerators, such as converting thiuram to ziram with the help of fatty acids such as stearic acid.

It also works on the bonds between the sulfur chains of sulfonating agents, which increases the efficiency of the entire chemical process. How it affects which bonds break during the cross-link formation allows this reaction to happen.


Why is Zinc Oxide Crucial for the Rubber Industry

Zinc oxide is mainly used in the ceramic, paint, cosmetics, and medical industry, whereas its impact in the rubber field is still considered the largest.

Rubber’s most significant property is its ability to withstand heat and reduce friction, and there’s always a necessity for improvement. Believe it or not, tire usage alone takes a large chunk of the pie, with championships such as Formula One that have always been expecting enhanced facilities.

Zinc oxide increases rubber’s ability to absorb frictional heat, which leads to increasing tire performance.


Other Advantages of Zinc Oxide for Rubber

Despite the fact that zinc oxide is usually associated with the rubber industry, we shouldn’t neglect the other essential uses.

Firstly, several cosmetics brands use them in their foundation and mineral sunscreens. The reason is quite simple: The white pigment protects any surfaces from UV light, which also translates to rubber.

Not to mention the zinc oxide and other zinc compounds, that are great inhibitors for fungal growth. This also means zinc oxide is found in zinc body soaps and certain ointments, including as remedies for Athlete’s Foot. Similarly, zinc oxide also protects the rubber from fungi. The compound has been found to either deform or stop conidiospores from developing, and eventually killing it.



Zinc oxide is a widely used compound for the rubber industry, and its implications can be vast if utilized correctly. The vulcanization process is already sped up with its addition, and it can send forth finer quality and more durable rubbers. When considering a zinc oxide supplier, choose experienced producers with high-quality compounds like the ones produced by Citra CakraLogam.



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