Zinc Oxide Supplements – Zinc Oxide vs. Zinc Sulfate

zinc oxide supplements

Zinc Oxide Supplements – A human body is not capable to store excess zinc. Therefore, consuming zinc should be a part of your daily diet. Zinc deficiency can impact your immune function, destabilize your blood sugar levels, and can be bad for your skin and heart health. 

However, taking zinc supplements can be consumed daily for the prevention of any consequences. Research shows that taking zinc supplements has improved the symptoms of Wilson’s disease and acute diarrhea. Moreover, it also heals the wounds faster. 

What are zinc supplements good for?

Health-conscious people also use zinc supplements to boost the immune system and to treat colds, respiratory tract infections, flu, severe head injuries, and ringing of the ears. Moreover, topical application of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate also protects against parasites causing malaria and other diseases. 

What are the types of zinc supplements?

When choosing a zinc supplement, it is important to know the types and their benefits. We already know that zinc deficiency impacts our health in many ways. Take a look at the types of zinc supplements and find the right type per your deficiency: 

Zinc sulfate 

Adequate research shows that zinc sulfate is good to consume if you are suffering from severe acne. Apart from improving deficiency, zinc sulfate has strong anti-bacterial properties which clean off acne on the face, back, neck, arms, etc. 

Zinc acetate 

Zinc acetate is consumed to speed up the recovery from swine flu and colds. It is quite similar to zinc gluconate and often added to flu medications to reduce the symptoms faster. 

Zinc gluconate 

It is a common type of over-the-counter zinc supplement. It is used in nasal sprays and cold lozenges to speed up the recovery process. 


What is the difference between zinc oxide and zinc sulfate? – Zinc oxide vs. zinc sulfate

While we have more than one kind of zinc supplement in the market, people often get confused between zinc oxide and zinc sulfate. 

Zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate is a nutritional supplement that is often found in nasal sprays, cold lozenges, and fortified cereals, for that matter. Zinc sulfate is also an essential element for the maintenance of hair, nails, lips, and skin. 

However, zinc sulfate can interfere with or disrupt nutrition absorption. Moreover, it can also reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics, if you are taking any. Therefore, zinc sulfate should only be consumed after the expert’s supervision. 

Zinc oxide 

On the other hand, zinc oxide is mostly found in cosmetics, lotions, creams, antiseptic formulas, sunscreens, baby rash creams, ointments, anti-dandruff shampoos, and even some topical medication. Apart from having good antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, it protects our skin against cancer-causing UV light from sun exposure. 

The titanium in zinc oxide makes the topical applications non-allergic and non-irritating. Zinc oxide supplements haven’t been discovered up until now and it’s best used for topical medication.



Zinc supplements are widely available at your local pharmacies and online. We recommend supplementing zinc daily to improve your eye health, heart health, and blood sugar levels.



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