Zinc Oxide Tape for Verruca: Why Zinc?



To look further on the use of zinc oxide tape for the treatment of verruca, firstly we need to learn more about the verruca itself. Verruca is a skin disease that appears as cauliflower-like patterns and emerges on the skin. This is caused by the highly contagious virus called papillomavirus. It can easily spread to other people, if you are remiss in treating its symptoms.


Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc oxide tape is considered as one of the most accessible medical kits for treating verruca. This is an antiseptic tape that is based on zinc oxide layers of adhesives on it. To contain such mixture, a thin cloth is used so that it serves as the flexible base for the tape and completes its structure. This tape is primarily used by athletes, doctors, and physiotherapists.


Treatment of Verruca

For the proper usage direction, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Cut the zinc oxide tape slightly bigger than the size of your verruca wart.
  2. Use antiseptic surgical spirit to cleanse the wart.
  3. Apply the zinc oxide tape to the wart and ensure that it is covered.

When you have done the treatment for verruca using zinc oxide tape, please put up with the process for the healing may take some time.


Safety Measures

When you have applied zinc oxide tape over your warts, you will need to follow several precautionary measures to keep your warts and tape safe from any kind of damage.

Firstly you need to ensure to avoid getting wet on the area of your skin where the wart occurs, nor let the zinc oxide tape last for more than a day. Please follow these measures in order to remain safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zinc Oxide Get Rid of Verrucas?

Get to know how this substance actually works on verrucas. Applying a segment of zinc oxide tape to the wart daily is prevalent. The treatment is only a matter of consistency, then the wart will get rid of over time. Though it is a time-consuming process, it is currently the easiest way to treat this kind of infection’s treatment.

How Long Can You Wear Zinc Oxide Tape?

The optimal period for using zinc oxide tape is once per day at the most. It is because the human bodies excrete moisture all over the skin. Which will gradually damage the zinc oxide on the tape, and it may be harmful for the human body. For this reason, it is recommended not to apply the tape for more than the dose required.

Is Zinc Good for Verrucas?

Yes, zinc is considered to work effectively in the treatment of verrucas. This is not a random hunch, but based on an in-depth study about skin diseases (likewise the verrucas) that shows even a simple-formed supplement of zinc can treat verrucas completely. Even so, it needs an adequate amount of time to see the result.



In conclusion, verruca is a dangerous skin disease and there are several treatments you can use to heal the infected area of the skin. Zinc oxide tape is the easiest and optimal solution for verruca, yet sometimes it might work differently depending on the type of your skin. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact a physician when verruca’s symptoms start occuring. In any case, you need to give first-aid beforehand, then the zinc oxide tape should be your best option.



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