Zinc Oxide Tape; Inelastic Tapes for Sprains & Ankle Injuries

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Sports are known for body injuries that can go worse if they aren’t treated well. One of the medical treatments commonly used in sports is strapping, it is where injured athletes wear special tapes to prevent further damage. Zinc oxide tape is one of the most commonly used sports tapes to prevent mobilization of joints, it is used where a degree of rigidity is required.


The inelastic nature helps to restrict movement in joints which may be causing pain by immobilizing the joint. The cohesive, non-stretch cotton tape completed with zinc oxide adhesive easily adjusts to the injured area.


This kind of tapes is generally used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, protect wounds, and help cuts heal faster. It can support muscles to help stabilize injured ligaments and also ideal for strapping the feet to prevent blisters and to protect them against injury, especially in sports. This rigid strapping tape is widely used in Rugby to protect the ankle and knees, both in an injury and as a method of mechanical support to help prevent sports injuries.


Zinc oxide tape will remain intact even for a long time, it tolerates water, dirt, and humid environments quite well. Even though it is not waterproof, the texture of the tape is still allowing the skin to breathe and reducing moisture quickly. As a result, it is more suited to withstand the demands of sports. It is recommended to wrap zinc oxide tape around the joint area where it can’t restrict blood flow, but avoid wrapping it around the muscle.


The tape is easy to apply and tears easily by hand without the need for scissors, making it an ideal choice for easy hassle-free taping. This is beneficial in cases of immediate necessity or emergency. Another benefit is that these zinc oxide tapes are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.


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Zinc Oxide tape is considered effective due to its high adhesive qualities and firm tensile strength. Its rigid nature can support or immobilize any joint or muscle if applied correctly. This sports tape is also popular to prevent sore feet, strapping feet, or hands during high friction activity, and sport will help to prevent blisters and injury.


Zinc oxide tape has been a great addition in many emergency first aid kit, especially professional sports, as it is versatile and contours to the body well.


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