Zinc Oxide: The Secret Weapon for Body Odor




Body odor, especially from the axilla (under the armpit), tends to be a cause of worry and anxiety for most people. We usually use deodorants to inhibit body odor, but recently, research has shown that using zinc oxide can help reduce that odor. The difference here is that while deodorants can only diminish the smell generated by the production of odor, substances such as zinc oxide can reduce that production beforehand.

This article will look at how zinc oxide can help with body odor and how it differs from past solutions to this disturbing condition.


What Creates Odor

Odor is the creation of naturally occurring bacteria flora on the skin. This bacteria breaks down the organic compounds found within the sweat of one’s skin, creating odor. Therefore, researchers have proved that bacterial activity is the primary determinant behind body odor. Since several organic compounds are broken down, it was previously difficult to observe what created this odor.

Now, however, research has shown that short-chain fatty acids contribute to this in a significant way, primarily due to their foul smell. In addition, the odor from the axilla is also generated by the Corynebacterium spp., which finds fertile ground for growth in this nutrient-rich skin area. Therefore, we can conclude that, in various ways, bacteria are responsible for the generation of body odor on the skin. Now, does zinc oxide help us in reducing this?


How Zinc Oxide Reduces Body Odor

Recent research has proved two possible explanations, many of which are interrelated. Before we move on to them, however, it is vital to suppose the mainstream consensus surrounding the protective abilities of ZnO. This substance has been known to repair skin conditions and protect the body against harmful ultraviolet radiation for a millennium. Consequently, it isn’t surprising that it also plays a role in this particular skin phenomenon.

With these means, we also need to understand the antibacterial nature of ZnO, which is crucial to how it neutralizes body odor. The substance reduces the chance of bacterial growth by tightening junctions through which it can enter and prevent its adhesion in the body. Due to these attributes, the application of zinc oxide ointments or creams in the axilla has been shown to reduce the production of body odor itself.

Secondly, it is shown that short fatty acid chains which are stored in a metallic salt form are odorless. Due to the antibacterial nature of the ZnO, it manages to create such chains by neutralizing them, consequently reducing odor.



Accordingly, we can conclude that zinc oxide is an efficient solution for reducing body odor. The antibacterial aspect of the substance attacks the root of this issue, ensuring that the production of the odor itself is reduced in our body.



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