Zinc Oxide Uses in Cosmetics – The Rise of Mineral Makeup

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Zinc oxide uses in cosmetics is very common these days. It is used in a wide range of beauty and personal care products including mineral makeup.


Mineral makeup has become quite a breakthrough in the beauty industry in recent years. Its aesthetic as well as skin care benefits have presented a number of interesting topics among beauty experts and makeup artists. The popularity of mineral makeup was eventually translated into the heightened demand for this new age of cosmetic products.


Mineral makeup its self is defined as a cosmetic product that is made from all-natural and finely ground earth materials. Many brands and manufacturers claim that this line of makeup is free from any of the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives that were used in regular makeup products. The secret behind the innovation actually lies on one earth mineral, Zinc.


Zinc is one of the earth elements that are proven to be kind to all skin types. This skin-friendly ingredient has significantly contributed in creating a marketable image for mineral makeup. In doing away with the common irritants that were found present among traditional formulations of makeup, Zn-based makeup were made to become more agreeable for use of people with certain skin conditions.


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Zinc oxide is known as a widely used zinc compound in manufacturing mineral makeup. It works to prevent and protect skin against burns and irritation, thus it is common to be found in ointments that are used to relieve sunburn, windburn and diaper rash. The healing properties of zinc oxide have earned an FDA approval of its use as a skin protectant. And for cosmetic use, zinc oxide works as a very good sunscreen agent, particularly for people with sensitive skin.


Mineral makeup powders contain about 25% concentration of zinc oxide. Among popular brands of SPF 15 liquid foundation, zinc oxide is used as their active sunscreen ingredient. In fact, the amount or concentration of zinc oxide is one of the common gauges that tell somebody who knows makeup of a product’s coverage and opaque quality.


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