Zinc Oxide Eugenol in Dentistry

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Dentistry has done a lot of innovation in technology in order to obtain the best result for oral health care. Advanced tools are used to treat various kinds of dental and oral problems, including materials involved in dental treatments. One of the materials used for dental products is zinc oxide eugenol.


The use of dental products is essential when a patient is undergoing several dental procedures. Many materials are used to obtain the best quality products for the patient’s health, but zinc oxide eugenol is the most common one to be used as it has various qualities that the products need.


Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) is one of the most popular materials used in dentistry. Based on a study, it is a material created by the combination of zinc oxide, white rosin, zinc acetate, zinc stearate, and liquid matter, which is a mix of eugenol & olive oil.


Here are some dental products with zinc oxide eugenol as its main material:


Dental Cement

It is a dental filling material used when the decay is all the way inside the tooth close to the nerve. It was first introduced in the 1890s. The use of eugenol can help to reduce burning sensation in patients when it is placed inside their teeth. The placement of a zinc oxide eugenol for several days prior to the placement of the final filling can help to sedate the pulp. It is quite popular as a dental cement due to several advantages, such as an intermediate restorative material and has anesthetic & antibacterial agents. It is also used as a temporary firing in dental caries treatment.


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Dental Liners and Bases

Dental liners and bases are used as an improvement in dental caries treatment along with other restorative dental procedures. The increasing number of these procedures cause a high need for new dental liners or bases material. According to PR Newswire, the high demand for dental liners or bases materials with a focus on antibacterial properties has occurred over the years. Zinc oxide eugenol has been used for years to manufacture dental liners and bases, as it is able to lock the microorganisms inside the decayed tooth. The use of zinc oxide eugenol for dental liners or bases has dominated the global market during 2016. However, it is still popular and is expected to continue the trend in the future.


Dental Impression

Another dental product that uses zinc oxide eugenol as its material is dental impressions. According to Wikipedia, a dental impression is a negative imprint of the area inside your mouth, including your teeth and gum. It is used to form a positive reproduction (cast or model) during the construction of complete dentures and. However, the use of zinc oxide eugenol can be replaced with silicone impression materials when the patients have large undercuts or tuberosities.


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Most technology in the medical industry has sanitary focus as its priority. Zinc oxide possesses an antibacterial property which is needed in the health industry, especially dentistry. Therefore, it is commonly used as materials in health products or tools.


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