Zinc Oxide for Antibacterial Cotton Fabric – An Innovative Fashion Breakthrough

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The health and fitness industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries today as health-conscious consumers are increasing each year. As we all know, Zinc Oxide helps in the prevention of bacterial infections. This functional property has caught the attention of the textile industry to include zinc oxide for antibacterial cotton fabric, which targets people with a healthy lifestyle.


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Nanotechnology is a rising interdisciplinary technology that has been developing in many areas during the recent decade. Nanostructures have the ability to enhance the physical properties of conventional textiles. This includes the antibacterial properties of textile materials.


Studies have been established to refine the properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles for certain applications. The study used soluble starch (stabilizing agent), zinc nitrate, and sodium hydroxide (precursors) for the preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) by the wet chemical method. The synthesized nanoparticles were used to coat cotton fabric (honeycomb-weave) and the antibacterial property of the coated fabric was determined.


The results indicate that fabric coated with 2% zinc oxide nanoparticles have high antibacterial efficiency (up to 99.9%). The nanoparticles synthesized in a recent study used an average size of 50 nm, the physical and chemical properties of the treated fabric are markedly different from those of the untreated fabric.


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Bacterial infectious diseases are a serious health problem that has drawn public attention worldwide as a human health threat, which extends to economic and social complications. The use of zinc oxide for antibacterial fabric will become a breakthrough as the market with health-conscious people is growing and this type of product may support their lifestyle.


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